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General Information about Foreign Trade:

Today, trade is expressed in two different meanings. The first is expressed as foreign trade in the meaning of domestic trade in the context of commercial activities carried out within the boundaries of an own country and secondly in the context of trade activities with other countries outside the territory of an individual country. It is necessary to cultivate the work force of the qualification related to universal and human values in every field with the reason that foreign trade has strategically prescription.

Speaking about the subject of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk emphasized the importance of the country for the training of the workforce in accordance with universal human values with the following words:
….We need two things to trade. One is to provide space for the products to be exported. Without this, there is no trade. We need to have serial and sure means to send them out. Therefore, we are obliged to make automobiles, buses and train routes as soon as possible with all our strengths. Secondly, the second job we will consider in trade is to save the trade from the hands of foreign traders, who see the duty of export and import as intermediary (20.03.1923, Konya Conversation with Tradesmen and Merchants).


It is the training of the work force that can meet national and international labor demand specialists who are dependent on universal human values in the field of civilization-based trade (especially foreign trade).


It is the best training unit in the training of the work force which can meet the national and international labor demand specialists who are dependent on universal human values in the field of civilization-based trade (especially foreign trade).

Purpose Of The Program:

In the field of foreign trade, universal humanitarian values, depending on the expertise of national and international labor force can meet the demands of the workforce is raised.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Overview:

The Foreign Trade Program provides two-year associate degree education after high school education. Each year, 30 students are enrolled in the program. Students must be successful in all of the compulsory courses in the program and in the courses they have chosen from elective courses.
It is also necessary to successfully complete the 30 day workplace summer internship. In the program, students are equipped with foreign trade and management information. In addition to courses such as economics, law, accounting, business, foreign languages, students who take courses mainly for foreign trade gain internship experience.

Recognition Of Prior Learning:

The Foreign Trade Program provides two-year associate degree education after high school education. Transfer students are granted exemption to the other university they have graduated according to their courses and credits.

Program Admission Requirements:

Among the high school and graduate school graduates, students are taken to the Foreign Trade Program by the Central Placement Examination conducted by ÖSYM. Candidates for Centralization Candidates who get enough points in the Foreign Trade Program, YGS 6 point type are placed considering ÖSYM's preferences regarding higher education programs and the quotas and conditions of these programs. The records of the students who are placed in the Foreign Trade Program are made by the Student Affairs Department on the calendar frame determined by OSYM.
Students who graduate from the Vertical Transfer Facilities Foreign Trade Associate Degree Program are required to enter the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in order to continue their undergraduate studies from the 5th semester of their undergraduate programs.
Students who graduate from this program can obtain detailed information from the 2017 Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) Guide, which shows the undergraduate programs that can be applied under vertical transfer, the conditions of these programs and the number of students to be transferred to these programs. Vertical graduate programs:

European Union Relations
Foreign Trade and European Union
Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance
Banking and Insurance
Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
Economics and Finance
Business Information Management
Business Informatics
Business Administration
Logistics Management
Capital Markets and Portfolio Management
Capital market
Political science and international relations
Technology and Knowledge Management
Transportation and Logistics
Transportation and Logistics Management
International Finance
International Finance and Banking
International relations
International Business
International Business
International Business and Trade
International Logistics
International Logistics and Transportation
International Logistics Management
international trade
International Trade and Finance
International Trade and Finance
International Trade and Business
International trade and logistics
International Trade, Logistics and Management.

Job opportunities:

Graduates of the Foreign Trade Associate degree program can work in the public sector in the foreign exchange department of the public banks in the Ministry of Finance, Undersecretariat of Customs and affiliated units.
Graduates of the foreign trade associate degree program can work with the title of "Customs Consultant" in the foreign trade departments of all firms engaged in import-export business in the private sector, foreign exchange departments of banks, customs brokers, national and international logistics companies and B chambers if they are successful in examinations.

Program Contact:

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oguz TAŞBOZAN
E Mail Address:

Cukurova University Vocational School of Yumurtalık
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