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Foundation Year and History

Fisheries program has been opened as formal education within Vocational School of Yumurtalık in 2002-2003 academic year.The program's training activities are carried out in Yumurtalık,the district of Adana.


To educate people working in the fields of biological and ecological characteristics of marine and inland waters,aquatic hunting technology,aquacullture and diseases,fisheries processing and evaluation technology and underwater technique.
-It examines the life of creatures living in the waters. 
-It determines appropriate hunting methods and hunting time of aquatic organisms that are beneficial for people.
-It takes administrative and technical responsibility in production and stock management at aquaculture facilities.
-It performs processing,evaluation and marketing of fish and other fisheries. 
-It makes the task of production and control in feed factories and fish flour.
-It performs planning and operations of aquaculture and processing.
-It makes ecology of marine and inland waters,water pollution,sanitation and quality control.
-It does works of project design and efficiency in the production of fisheries.

Specifications Required by Occupation
- To understand scientific method and can apply in problem solving
- To have curiosity of reviewing and researching
- To be interested in basic sciences and science (especially zoology and biology)
- To be interested in working in outdoors, wet-humid environment and sea,lakes and rivers
- To have the habit of patient,careful and regular work
- To have no health problems in case of swimming,diving and being seaworthy
- To follow innovation about job

Work Environment and Conditions
They can work in all environments that fish and fisheries are grown,processed,marketed,seas,rivers,lakes and aquafarms,fish flour and feed factories,and laboratory environment. They often work wet and humid places. Know good degree of swimming to practice their profession, having documents of lifesaving and star diver are major advantages in the workspace competition.

Period of Study and Content
Training period of Fisheries Programme is 2 years.In the program of Fisheries Programme basic courses as mathematics, biology, economics and marketing are given theoretically.Fish biology, marine biology, oceanography (ocean science), water pollution and control, fish and other aquaculture techniques, fish feed, fish diseases, fisheries preservation and processing technique, hunting technology and aquaculture marketing, aquarium courses are given theoretically and practically.Students have to do 30 days internship to be able to finish vocational training with the success. They can do this internship in fish production facilities.Students can also attend optionally to Fishman and diving courses,Lifesaving Certificate Course during vocational training.

Study Areas and Job Opportunities
People graduated from Fisheries Programme can work as a responsible technician in all kinds of public and private organizations that operate in the field of aquaculture and hunting in marine and inland water, Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, State Hydrolic Works, municipalities, companies of aquaculture and food processing and marketing, inland water and marine fish aquaculture farms and they can do their own businesses by setting up aquaculture farms using various credits.

Important Note: There are swimming,diving programs,lifesaving and marine applications for the students of this programme. It is compulsory to indicate that they are durable to this applications and to have a committee report from a full-fledged hospital that certify having no physical and mental obstacle that prevent to be in these areas. All of the personal materials (mask,fin,snorkel,etc..) that will be used in Fisheries program is provided by the student.   

Program Communication
Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatma Burcu HARMANTEPE (Program Coordinator)
Address: Çukurova University, Vocational School of Yumurtalık 01680 Yumurtalık/ADANA
Phone: 0 322 671 26 73
Fax: 0 322 671 26 74

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