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Definition of Organic Agriculture Program

  For environment and healthy nutrition, organic farming is getting more and more important day by day. In our region Organic agriculture program has been opened in the School of Higher Education in the 2011-2012 academic year in order to make the organic agriculture more conscious and to train in this subject.

Program Objective:

To train qualified technicians to meet the needs of public and private sector AR-GE support and other personnel with sufficient knowledge and practice about quality control, conservation, pazara preparation of plant and animal production depending on organic farming principles.


To develop new values in line with the aims of a modern and democratic university attached to Ataturk's principles and reforms, to meet the needs of national and international institutions and organizations and to develop organic farming technicians who are open, enterprising, innovative, respectful to human and moral values.


To be a respected and reliable higher education program in national and international level, working in world standards, producing high quality work force that will contribute to the economy, being reliable and respectable at national and international level,

Diplomas and titles earned by graduates:

Students who have graduated from the theoretical and applied courses in Organic Agriculture Program are awarded "associate degree" and those who hold this diploma can work as a technician.

  Fields of Study:
• Public institutions and organizations: Provincial and District Directorates of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Research Institutes and Municipalities.
• Agricultural Cooperatives: Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and Agricultural Development Cooperatives.
• Private Sector Operations: Organic agricultural (herbal and animal) production and marketing operations and sustainable agriculture (organic agriculture and good agricultural practices) control and certification bodies.
• Own businesses: Organic agricultural (plant and animal) production and marketing operations.

  Occupational Career Opportunities:

The person who finishes the associate degree program can rise to managerial level according to his / her performance in the working place. DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) at the end of two years of education Anadolu University Open Education Faculty of Economics or Business Administration undergraduate programs can be transferred to undergraduate programs are:
• Garden plants
• Production and marketing of garden plants
• Organic Farming
• Plant protection
• Crop Production and Technologies
• Biosystem Engineering
• Farm plants
• Agricultural construction and irrigation
• Farming economy
• Animal Science
• Agricultural Machinery and Technology Engineering
• Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Program Communication    
Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya SAYGI (Program Coordinator)
Address: Çukurova University, Vocational School of Yumurtalık 01680 Yumurtalık/ADANA
Phone: 03226712673
Fax: 03226712674

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