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Underwater Technology

Entrance Requirements

Period of study of Underwater Technology program is 2 years and it is formal education. The program can be chosen by the students who are from the departments of Deck,Deck-Hunting,Yacht Master of Maritime Vocational High School or the candidate students who are graduated from high school with YGS-6 point of SSPC exam. If sufficient quota didn't get full,the program may be applied between the additional quota set by SSPC.The terms of application are specified in SSPC booklet.Our program has been established with the goals of providing education especially for industry diving and closing the gap about this field by raising trained staff.It shouldn't be confused with a diving club which gives only Scuba training.

All students who come for registration should have medical report of "First Class Industry Diver" from Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medical Centres.In order to apply for this program, in addition to all the circumstances of higher education institution,structure of the bodyshould be proper; not have biological disorders as asthma,bronchits,epilepsy,severe visual impairment; not have psychological and neurological diseases as claustrophobia,behavioral disorders,fainting,hysteria; not having any obstacle on these issues should be documented with a medical report.Students of the program are obliged to complete their own personal diving equipment (mask,fins,snorkel,bıoyancy jacket-BC,regulator,booties,weight belt) until the end of the first academic year.Training trip to a diving club at Mediterranean coast is organized during spring term in every year.Students contribute to the costs of accomodation and boat-dives on this trip.Students entering our program,in particular,are required to take these aspects into consideration.

The works of the program are; underwater construction,repair of ships without beached,survey operations,underwater search and rescue operations,laying of underwater pipe and communication lines,maintenance and repair of underwater pipelines, using pressure chamber, developing diving project,to train technical staff for setting up diving organizations and having the capacity of managing.  

Duties Of Graduates Of Underwater Technology Department        
Be involved in the process construction and repair of underwater structures,
Make the process of the choice and  establishment of materials and equipment associated with the system,
Set the failures of supplies and hardware encountered at underwater and bring solutions to problems,
Take measures about safety of diving to underwater,
Make survey studies,prepare reports and provide measures,
Make rescue of shipwrecks at sea accidents or repair of ship above the water,
Take parts in search and rescue mission of any object under water,
Take parts in laying of underwater pipeline and maintenance operations,
Know and apply regulations based on laws related to diving organizations,health and safety,
Perform the task of pressure chamber technician,
Participate in determination of necessary materials and installation of these materials in diving organizations,

Work Environment and Conditions

 Members of profession generally work in open areas in the marine and underwater environment under high level security measures. They are in contact with engineers, doctors, diving supervisors, captains, ship, personnel, technicians, operators, customers and other employees when they work.

The Specifications Required By Occupation

Students who want to be in the department of Underwater Technology must be interested in research,responsible;have analytical thinking skills,mechanical ability,highly capacity of swimming and movement in water;and be people work in teams.

 Courses Needed To Become Successful In Pre-Education

Physical Education and Diving Courses
Basic Science Courses
Physical,Chemical and Biological Courses related to marine
Material and Technical Drawing Courses
Diving Health Courses

Tools and Materials Used In Underwater Technology

Mask, snorkel, fins, diving suits (wet,semi-dry and dry), weight belt, diving helmets (Full-face mask, Marc 17, Marc 18 etc.), BC, diving tube, oxygen cylinder, compressor, pressure chamber, diving hoses, mixed gas resources, dive boat, crane, bucket, underwater welding materials, underwater imaging equipments, underwater communication and lighting equipments.

Private Laboratories That Is Needed For Program 

Pressure chamber
Cutting and Welding Warehouse
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment centre
Industrial properties located in the Gulf of İskenderun
Underwater Archaeological Excavations Regions
SCUBA Diving schools

Education and Teaching Methods

Education and training in the program are carried out in the form of theoretical,application and project studies.

Exam Evaluation Methods

Exams are evaluated and done in the form of written,oral,assignment and project study on the condition varies according to qualification of the course.

Vocational Internship

Workplace Practical Training (Internship) is compulsory.40 days for each education year, in totally 80 working days,and 55 hours for diving should be done.

Faculty/Department that is done Vertical Transfer: Faculty of Fisheries,Department of Fisheries Technology Engineering

Certificate-Diploma and Title Received At The End Of Education

Associate diploma and the title First Class Industrial Diver and Pressure Chamber Operator of Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs are given to whom complete education successfully.

Study Areas and Job Opportunities

Divers make studies such as surfacing goods in sunken ships and archaelogical artifacts under water,underwater construction, underwater film and photography,mixed gas diving,diving tourism. Graduates can work in ship and port related to Ministry of Transport,in public and private institutions about marine research.

After Education

After education,Underwater Technicians participate in public institutions and organizations are paid according to the coefficients and compensations at grade and level forseen in Technical Services Class of State Personnel Law No.657.The fee of members of profession working in private sector is determined by mutual agreement.

Progress In Job

If people who finished Underwater Technician program are successful in External Transfer exam opened by SSPC,they can make vertical transfer to undergraduate program of Fisheries Technology Engineering and Faculty of Fisheries. In return working 10 years in profession,if they are successful in Supervisor exams opened by Sea Port Operations,they can promote to supervisor. They can work in administrative level of organizations and institutions they work in.

Program Communication

Teach.Assis.Özgür YILMAZ (Head of Department)
Address: Çukurova University, Vocational School of Yumurtalık 01680 Yumurtalık/ADANA
Phone: 03226712673
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